BaumInvest Forest Landscape Restoration Programme

Who we are:

The need for a sustainable economy concerns us all and presents us with major challenges. Building on our expertise and competencies, we are addressing those challenges. Within our reforestation-based businesses fields, we have developed innovative and natural solutions – generating added value at all levels. The purchase of every share helps us realize our next project and our investors profit from constant and natural growth.

Why we trust in our concept:

We launched the first BaumInvest fund in 2007 to reforest fallow pastureland in inland Costa Rica with native precious woods. The concept was so popular that we launched two more funds in 2009 and 2013, growing to around 2,000 shareholders. In August 2018, after successful afforestation in all three funds, our shareholders decided to merge them into the non-listed BaumInvest AG – a milestone for the establishment and expansion of our business areas based on the afforestation of mixed forests: Sustainable Forestry and Carbon Compensation through Reforestation.
At the core of the strategy is the continuous growth of our managed forest areas with native tree species according to our proven afforestation concept.
Natural forest areas are also to be expanded. In addition, BaumInvest AG aims at making a contribution to carbon compensation and offer attractive solutions for private individuals as well as companies and position itself successfully on the market.
Our reforestation areas in Costa Rica border existing biodiversity corridors; an expansion of habitable areas for plants and animals alike.
The Almendro (tonka) tree is a good example of how our forest provides for its inhabitants. The fruits serve as a valuable food source for several animal species and the branches function as nesting spots for rare birds such as the Ara Ambiguus. We are very proud of the fact that our trees have allowed these rare birds, among others, to return and resettle on our Fincas.

The BaumInvest share:

With the BaumInvest share you have the opportunity to invest in the further reforestation of forests and at the same time participate in the voluntary compensation market – a flourishing market with enormous growth potential. Combine commitment and attractive growth prospects with a sensible investment in a company that creates the future!
BaumInvest AG represents a solid investment and financing concept. Our stable assets mainly consist of tangible assets, such as land with forest stands, which are at the same time the production basis for the long-term production of sustainable timber and carbon credits. We cultivate a total of 2,060 hectares of land in Costa Rica, spread across five locations. This year, we are expanding the reforested area by 1,550 hectares. For about 1,000 hectares of these 1,550 hectares, BaumInvest will be functioning as a service provider for corporate customers as part of a company owned carbon forest to offset their emissions.
We look forward to welcoming you as a future shareholder of BaumInvest AG!