Food Forest & Solar Production Sierra Leone

Tree planting

Together with smallholders in remote villages in Northern Province of Sierra Leone, we plant forests exactly where they used to disappear 30 to 40 years ago. These new born forests provide food and income for people, shelter for wildlife and they help to preserve the Earth’s climate. The project is 1400 hectares in the first step and far more community owned land is accessible for project extension. We can provide land ownership documentation and long term contracts.

Our partners

Africa’s small farmers are our most important cooperation partners. They grow nature-positive products, we invest in seeds, grant fair loans and ensure that the harvest grows year after year. All project activities are planned, managed and done by and with the indigenous communities. This means we can ensure acceptance, commitment and real impact according to the requirements of the local people.

Local processing

Worldwide, 400 million tonnes of cashews are produced every year, well over half of which come from Africa. However, only a fraction is processed in Africa. The same applies to other products. We process directly on site, create jobs and will invest in solar energy for processing. The stack of machines, tools and equipment will be a mix of low tech, high tech and manual work so that we can achieve efficiency and create jobs especially for women at the same time. The installations will also provide electricity in rural Sierra Leone.

Key facts

Here some facts and numbers:

  • 10 partner communities in Karene District Northern Province Sierra Leone
  • Local registered company with 7 employees with long term expierence in agriculture, agroforestry and community development
  • Proven landownership of 1400 hectares and contracts for land development with communities, chiefdom authorities and landowners
  • First 12 tons of processed cashew nuts are being shipped at the moment. We are the first company in Sierra Leone having done this.
  • Business model both for products (B2B, B2C) and CO2 certificates
  • Investment will be done in large scale food forest planting and in establishing solar powered off grid production.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for strategic investors ideally from the food industry. We can both provide carbon credits for them as well as a sustainable and nature positive supply chain. Investors will support various SDGs, comply with future supply chain regulations and they will be able to meet the growing demand for sustainable food products.