Jungle Coffee

In our project area, there is an abandoned coffee plantation of over 1000 ha. this used to be part of the Dutch colonial government, but since the Dutch were thrown out, the plantation turned into a jungle, as natural rainforest plants and trees re-established. However, some years ago, local people began harvesting the coffee again on a small scale. However, they have never been trained in coffee harvesting and coffee tree management. The income from the coffee harvest is small, as trees are old and people do not know what berries to harvest. The unsorted mixture of green, black and red berries means that the price per kg is very low. With co-funding from Dutch RVO, we have recently started a training program, which ciprices of three phases. The first training focuses on collecting the right berries, and how to devleop good harvest practices. A second training focuses on the management and revitalisation of the high quality robusta coffee trees that were planted by the Dutch colonial government in 1925. A third training focuses on organic practices, including the use of organic manure, and organic pest and disease control. this is for one importnat as the aim to protect the current rainforest vegetation, and the returned high level of wild biodiversity (we have seen honey bears, hornbill, sumatran tiger).