Agroforestry in Tamatave, Madagascar

Bôndy is a social enterprise that is active in the field of reforestation in Madagascar. At Bôndy, we believe that in order to reforest Madagascar effectively, we must analyze and address the causes of deforestation. Undeniably, the main reason for deforestation in Madagascar is due to human activity. Therefore, Bôndy made a concrete plan where we place the local populations at the heart of our projects. We are trying to create substitutes to the remaining primary forests in all regions of Madagascar by planting high valued species that will bring economical and environmental benefits for the local populations. All of our projects are driven by the desire to help Madagascar protect its most unique treasure and help local populations by giving them new alternatives and education related to environmental consciousness.

The Project
Tamatave is an important economical region in Madagascar as we can find the biggest harbour of the country. It's also an important environmental region as it is home for a big part of the remaining natural forests of Madagascar. However, in the last 2 decades, its deforestation rate was terrifying ...

This is why in 2021, we decided to expand ourselves in the region of Tamatave and built our tree nursery. Since then, we managed to plant 30'000 trees with 40 different farmers and we hope to continue growing fast.

We do know the importance that our actions can have and this is why we always prepare concrete plans that will have long term efficiency. Planting trees is not a difficult matter, growing a tree however is a long and complex matter that requires hard work and dedication. We are a team of 52 motivated players, ready to tackle any challenges, and give transparency to all the partners that trusts us.

Madagascar is in real need, alone Bôndy won't be able to do enough so join our mission and let's make Madagascar green again!