Reforestation and afforestation integrated into local life by Graine de Vie
Alsico tree nursery (Ambodilalona)

Throughout projects our team of awareness-raisers organizes community meetings to make villagers aware of the socio-environmental and economic benefits of nature rehabilitation and protection. We then carry out the restoration of degraded areas by emphasising local know-how in a collaborative process. To ensure the sustainability of our projects, a nursery is set up in each of the participating communities.This nursery is managed by the Graine de Vie's team and produces forest and cash crop tree seedlings every year. Forest trees seedlings are transplanted into local reforestation zones and provide timber to the villagers through a planned and sustainable management. The cash crop trees seedlings are replanted by the locals on their own land and provide additional source of food or income for their families.

🎯Young plant production target: