Restore Nature in Southern Portugal
16 January 2021
by Matthijs
Educational tours on the farm

One of our most important aims is to make natural restoration accessible for everybody. Natural systems are complex, and we want people to understand how they work and how we can collaborate with them.
We try to include people in many different ways; by inviting them for interventions, by updating them through online channels like this one and by giving them tours where they can ask all their questions and see what we are doing exactly.
Also, when you take a tour you are supporting natural restoration because the contributions go to the Restore Nature project.

During this tour we tell the story of Vinha Velha: how this place was built up from the ground 40 years ago and how natural restoration is ingrained in the fundamentals. And how we aim to continue and boost this vision in the years to come.
Furthermore, we explain how the biological agriculture and ecotourism sectors on the farm work. We take you through past, present and future while visiting various sites on the farm.

Contact Matthijs ( +31634546373) to check availability and join us! Normally Saturdays are preferred but other days can work as well, as long as you contact beforehand.