Sofidel Group
Participant in the Forests Forward program since January 2022 and currently in the preparatory phase. In this phase, the organization, with WWF’s support, is building up specific baselines and action plans that will be the focus of collaboration.
WWF and SOFIDEL are working collaboratively to improve the company’s sourcing policy setting, implementing and monitoring effective commitments towards deforestation, ecosystem conversion, and human rights in priority areas within company’s supply chains. The main target is to strengthen suppliers engagement program, implementing a proper monitoring and assessment system, and credibly demonstrate progress through the update and implementation of a Code of Conduct for suppliers, while improving the performance on responsible sourcing.
Action Area
Market Shift – Responsible Sourcing
Actions in this area include tracking, disclosing, and improving wood product sourcing with the aim to drive markets for sustainable products. Show more
Value chain segment
Traded forest-based products