Tudor Creek Mangrove Restoration Project
Tudor Creek Mangrove Restoration Site by radicant bank
Reforestation 1,74 ha

Location: Tudor Creek
Region: Mombasa
Project Type: Mangrove tree planting
Project Activity: Restoration
Plantation Period: October 2023
Mangrove seedlings planted: 10,000

Mangrove forests play a significant role in the protection of the coastlines around the world, providing highly valuable ecosystem services to coastal communities. Benefits include reducing the impact of waves and storm surges, improving water quality, reducing soil erosion, providing nursery grounds for a wide range of terrestrial and aquatic species, and supporting coastal tourism.

Mangroves once spanned 1,641 hectares of Tudor Creek in Kenya, but today, only a few hundred hectares remain due to anthropogenic threats of urbanization and demand for firewood.

This project is planting 10,000 mangrove seedlings to restore the degraded mangrove forests of Tudor Creek, together with our community-based local partner Brain Youth Group, who will also be benefitting from the socio-economic programmes provided through the project. This contribution provided temporary employment opportunities for 33 community members. Community members were trained and incentivized to ensure the long-term growth and survival of the mangroves that further support additional sources of livelihood, such as beekeeping.

Furthermore, the project has enabled the financing of 70 beehives which are installed in the mature mangrove stands found within the planting areas. The local community is trained on the harvesting and processing of mangrove honey. Each beehive is estimated to generate approximately 10 kilograms of honey per harvest. This provides an additional source of income for several women, most of whom are single mothers and widows, allowing them to feed their families and send their children to school.