Acacia Eco

Acacia Eco is an organization working on implementing greening solutions to increase urban forests and mass plantations. Urban forestry is defined as the art, science, and technology of building and managing trees, forests, and natural systems in and around cities, and towns for health and well-being of people. At Acacia Eco, we aim to create sustainable urban forests using a scientific approach; including techniques like the Miyawaki Forestation method, which has been proven to work in adverse soil and climate conditions and have faster and more sustainable growth compared to traditional plantation techniques. The journey of Acacia Eco began from a small pilot forest using Miyawaki method to understand the technique and assess the growth results. The results of this pilot project were encouraging, and since the pilot in March 2016, Acacia Eco has been promoting Miyawaki forests. Acacia Eco engages with private and public stakeholders for execution of forestation projects in consulting or turn key approach. While plantations using Miyawaki technique is our focus area, we take up overall development for larger projects including various aspects like master planning, designing seat outs and walking/cycling trails, orchard plantations, development of water bodies etc. as per project requirements.