Associacao Sociocultural Yawanawa

Who we are
We are an indigenous organization, the Yawanawa Sociocultural Association – ASCY, and a non-profit organization that represents the Yawanawa people of the villages: Matrixa, Amparo, Yawarani, Sete Estrelas, Tiburcio, Escondido and Mutum.

ASCY – is a political instrument in the defense of Yawanawa rights, with regard to territorial protection, strengthening of culture, preservation of the language, artistic expressions, cultural and spiritual manifestations of Yawanawa. ASCY has established partnerships with governmental and non-governmental institutions, public and private companies, as a way of creating mechanisms that generate income without destroying our environment and ensuring the physical permanence of our people in our territory.

The planet is a large living organism
and the Amazon Forest is an important part of that system. In the heart of the Forest, the Yawanawa people live in an area of ​​approximately 200,000 hectares that has been protected for generations. There are 8 villages with more than 1,200 people.

One of the most important sources of income for the Yawanawa people is based on the exchange of knowledge – they have always been open to receive visitors who can not only know more about this culture, but can also experience life in the Forest and all this interrelationship of care and preservation.

This sustainability format was changed because of the new Coronavirus – collection was necessary, they stopped receiving visits and, without the visits, the source of income for these families disappeared.

It's time to repay all this care with the Forest, time to guarantee the preservation of Yawanawa life and culture.

About Yawanawa Crafts
A people proud of their ceremonies, rituals, dances, songs, face and body paintings, could not miss their traditional adornments, which differentiate them from other peoples.

The combination of vibrant colors in the ancestral designs, the pulsating footprint as part of the ancient culture, make the Yawanawa art have its own identity and life, differentiating it from any other Amazonian indigenous people.

The bracelets and necklaces
The bracelets made of beads carry drawings of the power of the Yawanawa tradition, from the cosmological world. And the materialization of the visions of the nights of Uni (Ayuahuasca) that we have of the world of the spirits, transformed into drawings as a form of protection and beauty for those who wear it.

Anyone who wears a Yawanawa bracelet is helping to preserve an ancient art, helping to protect a territory of nearly 200,000 hectares, contributing to the perpetuation of cultural and spiritual expressions of the Yawanawa people for stasis and future generations