Bosque Medicinal

Bosque Medicinal is here to help humans remember the healing power of nature. We are a registered foundation in Ecuador dedicated to rainforest preservation in the Amazon. The collective effort of our work is to raise awareness of the importance of the rainforest’s biodiversity and honor the most biologically diverse ecosystem in the world. Bosque Medicinal understands that caring for the world’s biggest source of oxygen, fresh water, and natural medicines means caring directly about the interconnectedness of the human being and nature.

Our current focus is in the south of Ecuador in a territory called Área Ecológica de Conservación Municipal al "Runahurco" AECMR (municipal ecological area of conservation Runahurco). In the language of Quechua, Runa means human/people and Hurco mountain. The region lies In the Ecuadorian province of Morona Santiago and it currently spans over more than 87,976 hectares.

The reservation consists mainly of sensitive ecosystems of peatlands, foot hill rainforests and rural parishes: Amazonas, Bermejos, NuevaTarqui, Bomboiza, Chiguinda, El Rosario, San Miguel de Cuyes, El Ideal and residential part of the city Gualaquiza. The whole area is located in the Amazon tropical part of Ecuador but it also goes up to the subtropical evergreen mountain cloud forests of Páramos de Matanga mountains and Cordillera Moriré mountains.

Ecological Reservation Runahurco has as its principal objective the protection of biological and cultural diversity, the preservation of ecosystems and connectivity corridors of NP Sangay - Podocarpus, environmental protection, promoting sustainable use of natural resources and protection of water resources, mainly of those intended for human consumption.

Our role in region to help bring more vital and vulnerable lands into protection by purchasing adjoining parcels of land for the purposes of conservation, reforestation, scientific research and ecotourism.