Regional Association for Nature Conservation and Sustainable Development

BROZ has been protecting and restoring various biotopes in Slovakia since 1997. It is active in conservation, enhancement and restoration of biodiversity, conservation measures for threatened species and their habitats, promotion of sound regional planning, sustainable development and environmental education. Operating mainly in southern and western Slovakia, the focus is on rewilding and restoring rare biotopes and bringing back traditional management that supports biodiversity. Another of the main aims is to bring water and natural water regime back to the landscapes after various changes along an within the Danube river to produce energy and flood prevention which consume most of the water instead allowing to release it to the adjacent natural habitats. We are restoring river branches, wet meadows, floodplain forests, oxbows as well as rare xeric meadows. At many localities regenerative pasture was reintroduced to improve habitats for rare plant and animal species. We manage invasive alien plants and restore subsequent habitats by applying sustainable forest management and traditional management of pollard trees.