Carbono Local+

We are a German-Colombian environmental consultancy dedicated to fostering equitable access to carbon markets and international opportunities for local climate emission reduction and removal projects in the Global South (Latin America, Africa, and Asia).

At Carbono Local+, we are passionate project developers specializing in waste management and nature-based solutions for carbon projects, with a specific focus on Latin America. Our mission centers around supporting local communities and small organizations that actively contribute to climate change reduction, including initiatives such as landfill management and organic waste reduction projects. Additionally, we are developing the first Colombian project with a participatory approach in regenerative agriculture and carbon farming, placing a strong emphasis on:
Developing climate change mitigation projects in Latin America, backed by international carbon certification from reputable organizations like Verra-CCB, Gold Standard, Plan vivo, and BioCarbon Reg., as well as national standards like Cercarbono and COLCX.

At the core of our values, we empower grassroots projects to thrive through:

  1. Climate finance: By providing essential financial support and guidance, we ensure that promising initiatives gain the resources they need to make a real impact on local environments.

  2. Social inclusion: We actively engage with and prioritize the involvement of local communities and smallholders ensuring that their perspectives and knowledge are respected and incorporated into every project.

  3. Transparency: Open communication and accountability are crucial to us. We operate with complete transparency, allowing all stakeholders to understand the processes and decisions involved.

  4. Fair distribution of profit: Our commitment to fairness drives us to ensure that benefits are distributed equitably, making sure that the positive outcomes of our projects reach those who need them most.

At Carbono Local+, we are steadfast in our dedication to environmental conservation and sustainability, and we firmly believe in democratizing climate action. Together with our partners and clients, we work tirelessly to create a socially just, more resilient future for the planet.