The Code Company

Code Company is an ESA award-winning incubator alumni start-up focusing on turning new space data into valuable earth observation insights. Fallen Trees is a sustainable forest management web service aimed at forest owners globally.

Forest owners are increasingly affected by extreme weather, bigger and more frequent storms,
drought, wildfires and insect damages. Obtaining an overview of the extent of a damaged forest is essential for the owner, the insurance company, governmental forest agencies, authorities and forestry industries.

We develop our own satellite processing software platform using advanced distributed cloud
computing and collaborative analytics. We combine multiple external satellite data/insight providers along with our own data extraction platform and makes it available to third parties through a simplified interface.

Key facts

  • Founding year: 2013
  • Founding stage: Seed Stage
  • Field of application: Digitalisierung
  • Approach of your solution: Monitoring des Waldzustandes