At Deeplai we are developing TimberID solution to solving the EU deforestation regulation requirements delivering traceability transparency and harvested timber digitalisation. TimberID is a ground-breaking DeepTech solution combining AI/ML image processing, analysis and recognition with a proprietary unique variable code marking technology delivering ~100% accuracy in harvested timber provenance authentication and traceability - all in a single platform. User friendly web interface allows a user to access and manage data records for processing and storage, and further computing for business intelligence. The geo-localization view of all sourced timber logs data on a map, an expected next step for integrations with solutions delivering inventory data of standing trees. The dedicated mobile app delivers the image sourcing and verification processing automation, additionally allowing for log inventory data calculation. The Dcode Marker applicator is indenting a hammer code mark on the timber ring, after setting a unique variable code generated at the forest by using the satellite data. There are three patents confining the inventions.
Cost-effective, saving up to 70% from current levels of comparative applications.

Eco friendly solution replacing current timber marking applications eliminating consumables , such as plastic or metal tags, labels, RFID , ink and more.

Key facts

  • Founding year: 2019
  • Founding stage: Seed Stage
  • Field of application: Innovativer Waldumbau/Wiederaufforstung im Klimawandel
  • Approach of your solution: Anderes