Embercombe Retreat Centre

Embercombe is a beautiful 50 acre rewilding estate on the edge of Dartmoor. It is a place to find a deep connection with nature – wild nature around us and wild nature within us.

We run various programmes, courses and events each year to help you connect to yourself, to nature, and to community. It is a place to breathe, to reconsider, to regenerate and to relearn. It is a place to find the gifts that we have to offer right now in the beauty and peace of Nature.

Our land

Embercombe is a place to reconnect to your authentic self on sacred land.

Our land is a mix of nature scapes to reconnect with, from mature oak woodlands that are over 150yrs old, meadows and pastures for our family of sheep we have on the land, to various fruit orchards and gardens to explore, as well as our sacred stone circle and sacred well to seek counsel from. It is a place for nature connection, self development, inspiration and engaging in nature. Embercombe has also always been important for wildlife and is all intended to increase biodiversity, restore habitats, and act as a hub in the wider landscape to help you connect to yourself, nature, and community.

Our founding principles

The Children’s fire is the heart-song of Embercombe

The Children’s Fire is a song of love, to life. It is a commitment to the responsibility carried by each successive generation to safeguard the vitality and regenerative capacity of the earth. It is a mind-set, culture, philosophy and design principle. It can and must be observable within politics, religion, art, business, education, health services, economics and our daily lives. It is the foundation of all we do at Embercombe and is our founding principle. The story of the Children’s Fire is a teaching of the elders of ancient America, passed onto our Founder Mac Macartney by his indigenous mentors on a moonlit night in the winter of 1984 and is a central principle of all of Embercombe’s work in this world. The elders came to understand that human institutions needed to reflect the balance and wisdom they observed in nature. They made a pledge to the welfare of unborn children, both human and non-human:

"No law, no decision, no action of any kind shall be taken that will harm the children, now or ever".

The twin trail of inner growth and outer action

Embercombe’s programmes offer a unique blend of nature connection, indigenous wisdom, coaching, mindfulness, community and bodywork -and the space and natural environment that supports the work.

We invite all who visit us to participate generously and appreciate the inner journey as much as the outer. It invites us to join the Twin Trail of inner growth and outer action in the world.