Fundación de Actividades Biosféricas

Fundación de Actividades Biosféricas (FAB) is an Argentinian NGO. It coordinates reforestation projects, capacity building, and training programs on conservation of mountain ecosystems and the restoration of polylepis forests with a team of innovative scientist and teachers working for the protection of biodiversity, regeneration of ecosystems, and sustainable development of both ecological and socio-cultural environments throughout the Córdoba region. FAB is inspired by the 2002 Ecological Restoration and Environmental Education Project “Milking Clouds”, an initiative aiming to restore the high Andean forests of the Provincial Water Reserve of Achala in Cerro Champaquí, in the geographic heart of the Argentinian province of Córdoba.

Acción Andina Projects
In 2018, FAB became a part of Acción Andina, working on regular reforestations through Cordova, in 2021 Accion Andina implement a project with FAB call Acción Serrana, which involves coordinating multiple reforestation sites along the Córdoba highlands , institutions and volunteer groups, enabling the organization to scale reforestation efforts that contribute to annual planting numbers of over 150,000 Polylepis.

Project Leaders
Pablo Friedländer - Director Ejecutivo de FAB
Javier Sparacino - Coordinador de proyectos de FAB