We see insects

FaunaPhotonics is positioned at the intersection of two global megatrends: Precision agriculture and biodiversity.

We are building next generation real-time insect monitoring technology. By bringing a new technology to the market, we will fill gaps in knowledge of insect populations. We are unmatched in product scale and breadth within automated optical sensing of flying insects in precision agriculture and beyond, uniquely positioned vs competition to providing missing data for optimizing/protecting crop yield and biodiversity while pursuing mobile solutions for autonomous monitoring and precision spraying.

Our technology is continuously tested in the field by leading commercial companies within ag-chem, seed and food production as well as equipment manufacturers, and by globally renowned academic institutions and testing authorities. These tests provide us with the technical and scientific validation needed to develop our commercial business at scale. Our mission is to become the leader in delivering data enabling solutions for sustainable and smarter crop management and biodiversity monitoring, with additional opportunities in public health (vector control) and aqua-culture