Forest Conservation Fund


FCF is a not-for-profit Foundation, aiming to decentralize conservation by empowering local communities and private sector actors to protect forest under their control. We are registered in Switzerland with staff in Africa, Asia, and Europe, and are governed by an independent Board of Directors and an expert Grants Committee responsible for approving projects based on strict quality requirements.

Commodity buyers or other donors pay $40 per year to the Fund for each hectare of forest they want to conserve. The FCF connects them to conservation projects in their sourcing landscapes, for maximum impact.

FCF disperses funding based on field results, and provides coaching and support on conservation management to ensure that the forest stays standing and that conservation goals are being achieved. We report back to companies about how their donation is being used and use satellite imagery, field-based biodiversity monitoring tools and activity reports to minimise spending on overheads and direct a maximum amount of donations into the field. At the end of their annual cycle, each project also undergoes an annual financial audit.