Films For Change

Films for Change Ltd is a film production company established by Distant Object Productions (Zuleika Kingdon) & Walk Tall Media (Jacqui Doughty) to enable collaborative environmental documentary film productions. We aim to capture people’s aspirations to improve lives, protect their environment and live harmoniously with nature in Africa. We feature enterprising initiators of change with strong community stories, tackling projects that help their communities. We aim to inspire global audiences.
Our current character-led documentary The Rwenzori Rainmakers, features the Rwenzori Founders and their community. We teamed up with an Ugandan production crew (Talking Film) to make this re-wilding and tree planting story as local people adapt to climate change and disaster. We planted 1200 trees in their community as part of our crowdfund campaign. Our Funding search continues into post production and impact stages to enable us to complete and screen the film in East Africa.
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