Forest Impact

Our purpose at Forest Impact is to plant ecosystems. We do that by planting fast-growing forests in urban spaces, whilst empowering communities throughout the process: planning, planting, nurturing, and enjoying forests. This process creates heightened environmental awareness, enhances mental health and well-being of communities through regular interaction with nature and acquisition of new skills, and drives sustainable forest management practices.
Forests are planted using the Miyawaki method, carefully designed to maximize growth and biodiversity in a small area. The rigorous process cares for the natural characteristics and current needs of the chosen location, from soil preparation, native plant selection, planting design and execution, mulching, watering and maintenance, and monitoring.
A Miyawaki forest grows 10 times faster and becomes 30 times denser than traditional man-created forests, leading to accelerated reforestation and ecosystem restoration. In approximately 3 years, it becomes a self-sustaining ecosystem, requiring minimal intervention and nurturing, whilst attracting various wildlife, contributing to the biodiversity and ecological balance. Other benefits include carbon sequestration, soil restoration, microclimate regulation (cooling urban areas), air quality improvement, and positive impact on mental health.
Since being established in 2021, Forest Impact created 4 new forests and is already a pending B-corp organisation rooted in transparency, sustainability, and community empowerment, and committed to advancing environmental restoration, promoting biodiversity, and nurturing a greener, more resilient future for generations to come. Our founders have diverse experience in various sectors across Europe and Asia, and bring a strong ethos rooted in transparency, sustainability, inclusion, and community empowerment.