Fundación Bosquizar

Fundación Bosquizar was founded in 2019. However, its leaders have been supporting, since 1998, the environmental projects of other non-governmental organizations and volunteer groups in the Argentinian region of Córdoba. It works to mitigate pressing environmental challenges in the mountainous ecosystems of the Cordoba region, through the conservation of biological diversity and ecosystem restoration.

Accion Andina Projects
As partners of Acción Andina, Fundación Bosquizar seeks to bring back “Tabaquillo” forests, the local name for Polylepis. It is the only forest-forming tree in the mountain ranges of the Córdoba highlands. To restore and protect fully functioning forest ecosystems, Fundación Bosquizar is managing Tabaquillo forest conservation areas, as this species and their associated vegetation reduce soil erosion. These forests also promote the presence of large amounts of ground cover, a typical trait of Polylepis species that increases water retention, boosting scarce water resources in the province of Córdoba and providing refuge for many unique species.

Project Leaders
Ricardo Suarez - Director Ejecutivo de Bosquizar