The HALO Trust (USA), Inc.

The HALO Trust’s mission is to protect lives and restore livelihoods of people affected by conflict. Best known as the largest humanitarian landmine clearance organization in the world, HALO is a non-political, non-religion, non-profit organization in the UK and the US. HALO has operations in 30 countries worldwide and employs over 12,500 staff, 97% of which are local community members.

HALO’s three goals are:
1) Protect lives from the explosive threats and hazards resulting from conflict.
2) Reduce human suffering from armed violence.
3) Build resilient and prosperous communities.

Goal 3: Build resilient and prosperous communities is where HALO’s work towards protecting and preserving the environment lives. The mission is to enhance community resilience to climate change and reduce natural resource degradation. The three objectives are:
1) Support the effective conservation and sustainable management of ecosystems and natural resources in fragile and conflict affected areas.
2) Support the strengthened climate change resilience and adaptive capacity for vulnerable communities.
3) Address the impact of conflict on the environment.