Heal Rewilding

Our mission
Heal is crowdfunding to buy land for rewilding in England. We're giving land back to nature, forever.

Our vision
Heal’s long-term vision is the creation of a new lowland rewilding site in every English county (10,000 hectares) by 2050. Wildlife will thrive, the land will recover and everyone will be welcome to come and find peace in the wild place they’ve helped to create.

Our impact
Heal is committed to becoming the UK's first national rewilding landowner. By rewilding land across England, the charity’s work will deliver three major benefits to society:

Rewilding: creating spaces where animals can live freely and vulnerable species can recover
Climate: rewilding captures excess carbon from the air and locks it in healthy soil, plants and trees
Wellbeing: everyone will be welcome to come and enjoy the peace nature brings

Heal 3x3
Heal 3x3 is the charity’s unique land sponsorship platform, using what3words technology, through which anyone can sponsor a 3 x 3 metre square of land for Heal to bring back to life through rewilding. Each donation helps build the charity’s rewilding land fund.

Rewilding for all
Currently, lots of rewilding is happening in the uplands where very few people live. By 2050, 70% of us will be living in urban areas. By rewilding the lowlands, Heal is making rewilding accessible to people living in towns and cities.

Wellbeing and education are core to the charity’s mission. That’s why Heal is looking to acquire land with existing buildings that can be converted to create spaces for visitors and volunteers.

Heal Future
The Heal Future network is a space for young rewilders to communicate with Heal’s leadership team, to network with each other and share thoughts and ideas about how Heal can grow as an organisation. The network is led by its young supporters so that as it develops it takes on a format that works for them.