We give the environment a new value​

HeimatERBE is your partner for multidimensional, holistic compensation for all negative environmental impacts. For a real balancing of the ecological balance and for a fundamentally new relationship between economy and ecology.

HeimatERBE at a glance

  • Multidimensional approach to support climate change mitigation, biodiversity and human health.
  • Holistic consideration of the ecological balance with the aim of comprehensive environmental neutrality.
  • Evaluation according to the latest method standards and in cooperation with renowned university partners.

Our Mission

The fact is: our lifestyle here is not sustainable. The GREENZERO approach "Acting environmentally neutral together" is an offer for fundamental changes in production and consumption towards a sustainable economy. The aim is to keep planet earth worth living in for future generations.

Analyzing the effects of your own trade on the environment and reducing them contributes to resource-saving use. However, negative environmental impacts cannot be completely prevented, so unavoidable environmental impacts must be compensated for in order to avoid damage to the ecosystem and to human health.

Compensation for negative effects on nature in connection with products and services is already established, but has so far been limited to greenhouse gases such as CO 2 . Other environmental impacts such as acidification, excessive nutrient enrichment (eutrophication) are mostly ignored.

Our mission is to enable holistic ecological compensation with a multidimensional approach - and thus to take a socially decisive transformation step.

In return, we give nature an economic value – a key prerequisite for making nature “competitive” with the economy and counteracting the growing global deficit in ecosystem services.