Human Nature Projects International

Since our founding in July 2019, the Human Nature team has worked tirelessly to reimagine conservation through community and collaboration.


Human Nature is a network of nature-lovers, a bid made in what is clearly a time of great need to reverse the established principles used by all the major conservation organizations and rewrite the story on our terms. Nature should be a universal language accessible to all people regardless of race, background or socio-economic status. Yet in this modern world of apartment blocks and iPhones, it is rapidly being driven out of sight and mind. At Human Nature, we are working to reverse this trend: communicating innovatively and effectively the true place that humanity should hold in this world, erasing the tragedy of the commons and bringing nature into the collective consciousness as a positive force to be shared by all.

Over the centuries, our species has developed an intricate web of barriers and blockades to separate ourselves both mentally and physically from other lifeforms. We perceive ourselves as uniquely cultured, somehow divinely selected to sit one rung above the rest on the great chain of being- blessed with a superior intelligence and thus untouchable. Obvious parallels could be drawn with colonial views of indigenous groups, and the uphill battle being fought to this day to uproot such age-old paradigms.

It’s clear we have a long road ahead, but as events of recent times have shown, the momentum is already shifting. There was a time for multinational charity figureheads, with their steady if slow governance of environmental matters. That time has now passed. And with it rises a new dawn, a blossoming sun signalling the new era of conservation- nature for the people, by the people, and with the people.

Our future lies not in our hands, but in our imagination. An imagination grown by the many, and not by the few.