Fundacion IBAPP

The IBAPP Foundation's mission is to promote the study, design and implementation of public policies, seeking to improve the quality of life of citizens, prioritizing the public function and executive leadership through knowledge and research.

The Barilochense Institute for Public Policy Analysis (IBAPP) was formalized in 2019 as a result of the enthusiasm and initiative of a heterogeneous group of local professionals with international experience who organized to obtain and contribute resources so that the team of the Foundation think and implement solutions to local challenges and problems.

In this way, the IBAPP Foundation becomes a professional and ideal vehicle for all those who want to contribute resources (time, money, contacts, contributions in kind) to a specific cause, project concrete solutions and / or develop their community and avoid staying idly, criticizing and giving opinions without doing anything concrete about it.

This initiative becomes a non-profit institutional structure -but rich in human, patrimonial and intangible resources- destined to think and solve local challenges in a professional and organized way, with local resources. In the midst of a pandemic, isolation and without international passenger traffic, the IBAPP Foundation was born to promote community development and foster local commitment so that Patagonian residents can -all together- enjoy and be proud of living in an increasingly equitable, respectful society , prosperous, self-sufficient and as less extractivist as possible.

The present is a consequence of the indolence and excesses of the past. Our future depends on what we do today and it will be conditioned by what we never begin to do.

To paraphrase John F. Kennedy's famous inaugural speech in January 1961, we do not pretend that anyone immolates himself for the Homeland. However, we demand ourselves so that no one neglects their square meter and, each one -from their place-, contributes, gets involved and commits, in an equitable and organized way.

The IBAPP Foundation encourages, recognizes and is dedicated to the proliferation of committed and upright citizens who lead civic initiatives and public-private articulations, aimed at improving the quality of life of all members of society without distinction of race, origin, religion, sex, ideology, political party, patrimonial situation or social condition.