Lifeboat Academy

The Lifeboat Academy is an on-going experiment to create a model of resilience and regeneration at the personal, place, and community level by testing ways to maximize our quality of life within a sustainable fair share footprint.

It’s seeking practical ways to address climate change - specifically, how do we raise a whole diet for our “fair share footprint” in a way that is resilient in the face of changing conditions?

It’s growing a strong, resilient community by finding ways to cooperate effectively for mutual benefit.

It’s a shared mindfulness practice because true resilience also includes personal / emotional resilience.

It’s also a place for people to heal from the unhealthy, destructive ways of working that we've learned as part of predatory capitalism.

Ultimately, it's a way to recreate the village where people with diverse skills and backgrounds work together to provide for the majority of their needs in ways that are healthy, healing, and regenerative to both the farmers and the farm.

And it's a way to reclaim the commons - a different kind of relationship between ourselves, the land and each other where we recognize that no one “owns” the farm or the land. We all share a responsibility to maintain and care for this precious, sacred space and all our relations.