Manica Youth Assembly Trust

Manica Youth Assembly (MAYA) Organisational Background

Manica Youth Assembly (MAYA) is a registered (MA000034/2019), non-profit, non-partisan, solution-centered, community-based advocacy organization that seeks to empower young people and women to participate in public affairs and proffer solutions actively and holistically. The full involvement of young people in governance, gender, environment and climate justice that calls for the holistic approach where youth involvement is critical in any development undertaking. MAYA was established in 2018 after realising the exclusion of youths and women in public affairs, wanton destruction of the environment and the effects of climate change upon society especially young people who will carry the burden on their shoulders for a long time. MAYA will harness the youth dividend in promoting environmental and climate accountability from duty bearers and stakeholders.

We exist to facilitate a just and inclusive, non discriminatory society where young people/ youths and women have agency. In pursuance of our set goals, MAYA is guided by the following Constitutional provisions, section 20 (youths), 56 (Equality and non discrimination), 73 environmental rights and 80 (women). Participation by youths and women should be taken as a right and not an invitation from some self appointed authorities. Therefore, considering the centrality of this critical demographic sector to the attainment of sustainable development, it is imperative that they should not be left behind. It is also a fact that within the same context, the youths and women are also the most negatively affected by the effects of climate change therefore, it has to be streamlined into the programming.

An equitable and just world where young people and women reach their full potential while being valued and respected in their communities

We are rooted in the transformative power of young people and women in creating lasting solutions for socioeconomic empowerment to reach their full potential in a healthy environment.


·        Honesty

·        Accountability

·        Inclusivity

·        Innovation

·        Transparency

·        Integrity

·        Volunteerism

Our focus areas include the below Areas:

●  Environmental and Climate Justice 

● Governance and Participation

● Gender Justice

● Livelihood and Economic Justice