Mission to Marsh

Smart Oasis - Constructed Wetlands For Healthy Ecosystems

Smart Oasis aims to revolutionize ecosystems in Germany by creating constructed wetlands supported by the power of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI). By blending natural and technological solutions, we can combat negative effects such as over-fertilization and toxicated soils and help regenerate Germany's lands while fighting the climate crisis.

Toxins, fertilizers and other materials end up in rivers, lakes and the ocean which led to many areas in Germany being placed on the ""Red list,"" resulting in environmental degradation and jeopardizing long-term productivity and sustainable ecosystems. Traditional methods of addressing this issue have been insufficient or unsustainable, leading to a need for innovative solutions.

Smart Oasis represents a bold and innovative approach to sustainable agriculture in Germany. By harnessing the power of nature and cutting-edge technology, we can address the pressing issue of over-fertilization and ensure a greener, more productive future for our farmers and the environment while mitigating climate change.

Key facts

  • Founding year: 2022
  • Founding stage: Pre-Seed
  • Field of application: Carbon Capture & Storage
  • Approach of your solution: BioTech und Bio√∂konomie