Nabahya Food Institute

We are a food research, production and restoration institute, working in the Eastern Congo to build inclusive and sustainable communities, bring local farmers work in cooperatives for mitigating the cycle of poverty, starvation and climate change by producing healthy food and training rural community farmers on Climate-Resilient Food Systems and Permaculture practices to save soil biodiversity and forest ecosystems. We are deeply committed to breaking the brink of starvation and social oblivion for advancing positive social, environmental and economic outcomes among local communities.
In addition to establishing and maintaining dynamic farm cooperatives, Nabahya Food Institute promotes access to clean energy, water and land resources for marginalized communities. We empower women and youth on how to tackle the dual challenge of increasing food production while mitigating climate change. We afforest, reforest and conserve community forests and link forest hotspots to restore animal habitat and biodiversity.