One Army

One Army is a global movement of peaceful sapiens dedicating their lives to serve and protect planet earth.

We know, we know... it sounds a little scary. One Army. But we’re actually nice and peaceful people. A friendly army. Protecting planet earth.

As you might have noticed we, as a civilisation, are kind of screwing things at a planetary scale. Big time.

One Army is a group of people from around the world working on global problems affecting the planet and humanity. Problems like plastic pollution, the growing amount of e-waste, fashion or the footprints we leave on earth by just living our lives.

These are very complex, big and interconnected issues. However, these problems are created by humans and we think humans can fix them. This will require many hands and brains. Many people. Like... an army of people.

Thousands of people work on One Army projects around the world. Plus tens of thousands supporting online and 1000+ donating on Patreon.

Together we are One Army.