Our Seas

Our Seas is a coalition of marine businesses, community groups, Scottish fishing associations, environmental and charitable organisations and marine recreational groups, raising awareness of the urgent need to protect our coastal seabed.We are an alliance of Scottish organisations, businesses, communities and individuals that support a move to sustainable use of our coastal seas.

We are calling for the re-establishment of a modern, coastal limit on bottom-towed fisheries to restrict damaging fishing from the coastal zones of our seas that are most vulnerable. If implemented fairly, this transition would allow our inshore marine environment to recover. It would provide a nursery for fish populations, sustainable jobs for sustainable fishermen, vibrant seas for coastal tourism and a resilient future for Scotland.

We are calling for:

The return of a modern seaward limit on bottom-towed fishing, via a just transition.

Effective vessel tracking systems for all boats

Preferential allocation of fishing opportunity to vessels with low environmental impact, bringing increased sustainable economic value and employment to communities.