OXO Earth Technologies UG

OXO Earth is a project developer for carbon credits based in Munich. Our vision is to become the EUs leading provider of forestry carbon credits in the voluntary carbon market. Therefore, our mission is to maximize the c-sink potential of forest ecosystems in Germany and the EU. We innovated a new technology and a new business model.

First, we are a tech startup, that uses remote sensing and satellite data to quantify the climate impact of forests.

Second, we innovate the “horizontal stacking model” to remove carbon temporarily for a very long time. With this first of a kind business model innovation our clients can use temporary carbon storage to remove emissions permanently.

Our approach is a simple no-harvest model: (1) Forest owners delay their harvest for minimum one year. (2) We quantify the climate impact of that harvest deferral. (3) OXO Earth sells 1-year certificates audited by Control Union to help corporate clients reach their climate goals.

The horizontal stacking approach means, that customers buy 1-year certificates sequentially as they expire, to build a horizontal stack, in order to remove emissions permanently with a temporary removal solution.

Key facts

  • Founding year: 2022
  • Founding stage: Pre-Seed
  • Field of application: Carbon Capture & Storage
  • Approach of your solution: Anderes