People and Parks Foundation

Who We Are
People and Parks Foundation is an Australian environment and health charity, registered with the ACNC with DGR 1 status.

World View
We take a planetary health view, recognising we have ‘One Planet, One Health’. We acknowledge that people are a part of nature, not apart, and that ‘Healthy People need Healthy Habitats’.

All people have access and opportunity to engage with thriving natural environments, now and into the future, for healthier people, places and planet.

We raise awareness that it is in our own health, wellbeing and economic interests to care for nature.
We work in partnership to develop and resource transformative projects that benefit the health of people, places and planet – particularly where those benefits are needed most.
We are committed to restoring natural environments damaged by human activity.

We work collaboratively, inclusively and with integrity.
We deliver measurable value.
We acknowledge and respect Traditional Owner wisdom that ‘when we care for Country, Country cares for us.’