Planet Indonesia

What we do
Conserve at-risk ecosystems through village-led partnerships.
Conservation where it matters most

Ensuring access and security for community partners.

Removing barriers and providing incentives to support local stewardship.

Creating and supporting systems for inclusive good governance.

Enhancing regenerative value chains to support communities

How we do it
Our model creates the enabling conditions to effectively engage locally-led conservation solutions.
Our needs-based approach catalyzes outcomes by ensuring rights and services, creating financial and non-financial incentives that catalyze ecosystem stewardship, and supporting democratic village-led governance towards natural resource management.
We believe conservation is the most effective when local resource-users are defining the rules of engagement and stewardship. We simply facilitate the process and create the right conditions.

How it works
We create the enabling conditions for communities to engage in conservation. We work to address underlying drivers while simultaneously removing barriers to catalyze cross-sector environmental, social, and economic outcomes.
We provide community-based services to reduce socio-economic inequalities in rural communities through conservation while improving inclusive democratic governance.

Conservation Cooperatives
We create Conservation Cooperatives (CCs) - community-led organizations who engage in management or co-management of protected areas. These CCs act as the platform for which we conserve biodiversity by targeting the root causes of biodiversity loss - rural poverty and inequality.
Our Conservation Cooperatives take conservation action to protect forests and wildlife while acting as a mechanism to improve livelihoods, access to healthcare, and overall human well-being.