Pró-Tapir Institute


In 2011, the Programme for the monitoring and conservation of tapirs in the Capixaba Atlantic Forest - the Pro-Tapir was born with the mission of promoting research and conservation actions for the tapir populations in the Capixaba Atlantic Forest and, in addition, to elaborate a conservation plan for the species in the region.

Pro-Tapir came from the feeling of passion and commitment to research and conservation of a person, the biologist Dr. Andressa Gatti. And soon she found other people with the same commitment with whom she could share her life project. With so much commitment, Pró-Tapir soon became one of the few, but important conservation programs focused on an endangered species in the state of Espírito Santo.

As of the year 2019, we understood that Pró-Tapir had grown and had a new face with great challenges. The Program's slogan stopped being Monitoring and Protection of the Tapirs of the Capixaba Atlantic Forest and became Monitoring and Protection of Ungulates in the Atlantic Forest. It seems like a subtle change, doesn't it? But for us, it made all the difference, because besides tapirs, the white-lipped peccaries, collared peccaries and deer are now included in our list of focal animals. While our scope is no longer Espírito Santo and yes, the Atlantic Forest.

At the beginning of this year, 2021, we took a big and important step: we became the Pro-Tapir Institute for Biodiversity, now with 50 members.

This great step was only possible because we have always been lucky to have many partners who believe in our work. Many thanks to all who have collaborated, those who collaborate and those who will soon embrace our dream too!