The People’s World Commission on Drought and Flood


Reducing climate risks of droughts and floods and building resilient communities and economies through community-centered nature rejuvenation.


To bridge the gaps between policy, science, knowledge, and community action by bringing together communities, scientists, engineers, technocrats, environmentalists, ecologists, social activists, hydrologists, youth and other stakeholders to reduce impact of droughts and floods and build resilience at ground level.


Prepare an annual report that provides a summary of the state of floods and droughts in various parts of the world by capturing perspectives through people’s dialogues and community engagement, as well as discussions with technocrats, scientists, ecologists, environmentalists, agriculturists, and decision makers, among other people;
Explore, evaluate, and document the various community-centered decentralized human actions that led to nature rejuvenation and resulted in climate resilience;
Utilize the information obtained from the community to persuade the state to invest in measures to make communities more resilient to the effects of drought and flood; and,
Encourage students to adopt more environmentally conscious and mindful behaviors by leveraging the educational system.


The area affected, the number of occurrences, and the severity of droughts and floods have all grown significantly over the course of the last few decades. These extreme weather events have been attributed to a variety of causes, including natural phenomena, deforestation, disruptions in river flows and drainage, drying up of life-saving rivers, encroachment of riverbeds and other surface water bodies, excessive extraction of groundwater, and most recently, climate change.