The Real Wild Estates Company


Maximising Biodiversity | Maximising Natural Capital | Maximising Yield

There is a growing recognition that sustainable investments in nature-based solutions to climate change diversify risk and offer attractive, long-term investment returns. As institutional investors and asset managers globally begin to invest in natural capital and biodiversity, they need a trusted partner who can:

Originate Investments:
Using our proprietary WILDnCAT tool, we can immediately evaluate the natural capital and investment return potential of any estate on the market.

Reduce Risk:
We are leaders in environmental stewardship and the prevailing and emerging national regulatory frameworks.

Maximise Returns:
We are domain experts in generating the conventional and unconventional income streams that maximise commercial yields alongside biodiversity gains.

Deliver Biodiversity Impact:
We offer quantitative and impact reporting, whether for regenerative agriculture, biodiversity or emerging ecosystem services.