Rewilding Academy


The Rewilding Foundation's mission is to empower a global community of rewilders - for the protection and revival of ecosystems on every continent and in every ocean.

What we do

Rewilding - Ecosystem Restoration
Capacity building & training
Experiential learning opportunities
Rural Development
Ecotourism and regional products as drivers for sustainable development.
Mitigating climate change by developing natural carbon sinks and other nature based solutions.

Our goals

Ecosystems provide essential goods and services such as natural resources, fresh water, clean air and healthy soil; they help mitigate natural disasters, including pests and diseases and they help regulate the climate. Contributing to the implementation of the Biodiversity Strategy to 2030 adopted by the European Commission, we aim to restore biodiversity and ecosystem services, developing more sustainable land-use systems and management of natural resources, mitigate climate change, and control invasive alien species. Large-scale restoration of degraded ecosystems and development new nature-based solutions will accelerate transformative change and strengthen vulnerable communities and regions.

Our Approach

The Rewilding Academy supports community-led ecological restoration and conservation that benefits both people and their environment. We engage in partnership arrangements with local authorities and communities, aiming at local capacity building in biodiversity conservation and ecotourism.

Our primary focus areas:

Ecological restoration through trophic rewilding,
Development of new nature reserves in abandoned or degraded rural areas,
Reintroduction of lost species, and
Developing nature-based income generation opportunities for rural communities.