Rewilding Chile Foundation

Rewilding Chile, formerly known as Tompkins Conservation Chile, is a nonprofit foundation that carries on the legacy of Douglas and Kristine Tompkins. In the early 1990s, Doug and Kris decided to dedicate their lives to conserving the beauty and biodiversity of the Chilean Patagonia, with the goal of countering both climate change and the species extinction crisis.

Three decades later, Rewilding Chile continues working toward this vision. We believe that without complex, healthy ecosystems––and all their species, relationships, and intricate processes––there’s little chance that either the human or non-human world can flourish.

To effectively confront the largest loss of biodiversity in history resulting from human actions, we must make a massive shift and return both land and water back to the wildlife that calls these spaces home. We must also acknowledge that all life forms deserve our respect.

Our future, and the future of millions of other species, depends on the actions we take today. It’s time to reconnect with nature, protect and restore wild spaces, and foster harmonic models of development that promote healthy, vibrant, and beautiful environments for all of earth’s living communities.

A healthy planet with complete ecosystems where all life forms thrive and communities develop in harmony with nature.

To encourage Rewilding as a holistic conservation strategy in the Route of Parks of Patagonia in order to counter the species extinction crisis and the climate crisis, by creating National Parks and marine parks, restoring ecosystems, and strengthening local communities’ connection with nature.