Restore Nature Foundation

We restore natural ecosystems:

  • We realize strategic interventions in nature to boost natural ecosystems. This goes beyond planting trees: we try to improve nature as a whole.
  • We collaborate with local holistic reforestation experts that know all about the native ecosystems and have years of experience and knowledge on how to restore them.
  • We empower the community by hosting events where they can learn about ecosystem restoration, have a direct impact and connect with others.
  • We serve as a learning institute: everything we learn, we share with the world via online channels and tours, so everybody can benefit.
  • We involve kids by setting up programs where they can help and learn about nature and its functions and participate in action days in the forest.

We are working in multiple levels:

  • Ecological; restoring natural ecosystems with strategic interventions
  • Social; involving, unifying and building collaborations in the local community
  • Economic; creating income for locals and working on resilient circular economy models
  • Cultural: working on alternatives for the conventional (destructive) way of land use