Save the Med Foundation

Save The Med Foundation (STM) was set up in November 2018 lying on the experience and know-how generated during the 7 years of Asociación Ondine. STM is formed by a devoted team of professionals and passionate volunteers with the aim to contribute to the regeneration of the Mediterranean basin.

STM inspires local communities to take action not only to protect but also to regenerate the environment that surrounds them. The Foundation conducts research to generate knowledge for a better understanding of fragile ecosystems and implements innovative
projects to minimise human impact on the environment while contributing towards improvements in relevant policies and management strategies.

STM collaborates with individuals, schools, businesses, NGOs, governmental institutions and other stakeholders to develop and implement regeneration projects which currently include:

▪ Research and community leadership projects for the creation and efficient management of a science-based network of Areas Under Regeneration (AUR) where marine and terrestrial species can recover and thrive. STM current work is focused on the areas of Andratx and Pollença (Mallorca).

▪ Species conservation of threatened animals, for the balance of marine and terrestrial ecosystems. STM's main focus is currently on elasmobranchs (sharks and rays).

▪ Pollution prevention projects, including the Plastic Free Balearics Certification Programme, which works with companies and the tourist sector to assess and reduce the use of single use plastic, investigates substitution solutions and promotes honest alternatives, ultimately creating alliances and practical tools to face the many issues of plastic pollution.

▪ Action-focused education programmes, citizen science activities, awareness campaigns and events, including the Dos Manos schools project and the Changemakers Project.