Save the World's Rivers

Save The World’s Rivers is a 501c3 organization founded in 2021. Save The World’s Rivers fills a niche in the global river-protection movement by tightly focusing on an eco-centric approach that:

  • Fights proposed and existing dams and diversions on rivers anywhere on the planet, as well as support dam removal.
  • Supports “Rights of Nature” for rivers across the planet.
  • Educates the public and decision-makers about climate emissions caused by dams, and about massive threat of dams across the planet.

An “eco-centric” approach uses a nature-centered, as opposed to human-centered, system of values. We believe that nature, and rivers specifically, have intrinsic value and thus have a right to exist, a right to flow, a right to be free of pollution, and a right to restoration.

Nature is a single, interconnected, living system. Life on Earth evolved as an indivisible web of ecological, environmental, and atmospheric dynamics in which the welfare of each component is essential to the welfare of the whole. Rivers are the lifeblood of this global ecological system — literally the veins of the planet — and river protection and restoration is necessary for all living things and the global life-support system.