SEE Foundation

SEE (Society of Entrepreneurs and Ecology) is a ground-breaking non-governmental organization aiming to protect the environment. It was the first environmental protection NGO in China with a membership comprised mainly of entrepreneurs who are dedicated to practicing corporate social responsibility.
In 2008, SEE Foundation, registered as Beijing Entrepreneur Environmental Protection Foundation, was established with the mission of supporting and nurturing Chinese environmental civil society organizations, and facilitate a learning platform for entrepreneurs, NGOs and the public to engage in environmental protection and sustainable development.

At the end of 2014, SEE Foundation became a public fundraising foundation working on three main areas, namely desertification control, pollution prevention and green supply chains, as well as ecosystem conservation and nature education. While the scope of its work continues to expand, SEE Foundation is firmly committed to supporting the environmental cause of China’s civil society.

In 2018, SEE launch the “Aleshan Foundation” (private foundation) to provide sustainable fund for environmental organizations and projects.

In order to promote the development of in situ conservation programs, SEE has established 28 environmental protection project centers in Shenzhen, Taiwan, East China, North China, Southeast China, the Pearl River, Northwest China, Hunan, Hubei, Inner Mongolia, Anhui, Henan, Shanxi, Fujian, Shandong, Guangxi, Sichuan, Chongqing, Heilongjiang, Sanjiangyuan Region, Ningxia, Zhejiang, the Poyang Lake, the Taihu Lake, Liaoning, Tianjin, Xinjiang and Hebei. SEE also successively launched and established local environmental conservation foundations, social organizations and social enterprises such as Shenzhen Mangrove Wetlands Conservation Foundation(MCF), Changjiang Conservation Foundation, Guangzhou Enterprise Environment Protection Industry Association, Xi 'an Entrepreneurs Environmental Conservation Foundation, Taiwan Environment-friendly Association, SEE Environmental and Philanthropy Institute, Alxa Environmental Industry Association , Beijing You Will SEE Eco-Agri Co., Ltd. Chengdu Aisiyi Ecology Conservation Center, Kunming Zhongyuan Consultancy Center of Science and Technology for Conservation, Qinghai Baoyuan Ecology Conservation Center etc.,to enhance a steady development of environmental protection throughout the country.

LIU Xiaoguang, WANG Shi, HAN Jiahuan, FENG Lun, REN Zhiqiang, QIAN Xiaohua and AI Luming are successive chairmen of SEE Conservation.

WU Jinglian and XU Xiaonian are successive council chairmen of SEE Foundation.

With over 900 entrepreneur members, SEE currently runs a total of 28 regional project centers that support the environmental protection work of more than 700 Chinese civil society organizations.

SEE has won such honors as a National Exemplary Social Organization from Ministry of Civil Affairs, Beijing Social Organization Demonstration Base, China-Europe Green Award for the Ecological Transition, and the title of 5A Level organization in China Social Organization Evaluation Grade. SEE is also one of the foundations with the highest level of transparency in China. It got full marks of the Foundation Transparency Index (FTI) launched by China Foundation Center, and its project expenditure ranked the highest among all the Beijing foundations that got full marks.

Currently, SEE has launched some brand projects such as 100 Million Suosuo, Groundwater Conservation, Free Flying Wings, Blue Defenders, Green Supply Chains, Green starters, Growing Up Together, Noah’s Ark, Save the Smile of the Yangtze River and Conserving the Sanjiangyuan Region.

SEE expects to maximize the value of its social platform and inspires more and more people to participate in environmental protection, while securing the continued growth and optimization of resources from entrepreneurs and society for a better environment.