Skyseed aims to diversify current forest regeneration practices by offering an improved approach to direct seeding - a forest regeneration practice that has fallen under the radar in recent years. Skyseed uses drones to sow pelleted seeds and regenerate forests, offering a fast, cost-effective, and nature-oriented alternative to conventional planting, providing consultancy, site assessment, seed supply, pelleting, and sowing all under one roof.


Ecologically meaningful - Planting or seeding only target tree species in degraded areas is not a sustainable solution in times of climate change. Skyseed uses a mix of pioneer trees, shrubs, and herbaceous plants that are robust and able to withstand extreme climatic conditions. Together they:

  • Quickly provide ground cover and prevent water evaporation
  • Root deep, improving water retention and preventing erosion
  • Increase plant nutrient availability
  • Improve ecosystem functioning and soil life

Improving on nature's abilities - Skyseed has patented its own seed pelleting technique to improve on nature's abilities. The pellets act as a protective layer for the seeds, allowing even the smallest seeds to be processed and spread with high precision. The pellets are made from 100% organic raw materials and contain NO chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or polymers.

Scalable - Skyseed uses drones to provide a scalable solution for reforestation and restoration of vast degraded forest areas.

  • Sowing rate for a single seeding drone: 20 hectares/day
  • Maximum pellet payload to date: 14 kg
  • Autonomous following of pre-defined flight routes
  • Drones can target the most suitable microsites, avoiding brush piles and skid trails and reducing seed loss.

One-stop-shop solution - Skyseed's diverse team provides a complete service from site assessment, to seed purchase, to pelleting, to seeding.