The European Nature Trust

TENT is an independent charity, registration number 1091283. It is registered in England and regulated by The Charity Commission. Our registered office: 44 Welbeck Street, W1G 8DY, London.

The European Nature Trust (TENT), creates unique travel experiences which connect people to wild nature and raise funds for conservation and wildlife projects across the continent. With less than 3% of global charitable giving focused on environmental causes, there is much scope for growth.

Wild places are essential in providing us with eco-system services from the air we breathe to the water we drink and the soil that produces our food. It has also been proven that spending time in nature is beneficial to our physical and mental well-being, whilst also reducing stress.

Our week-long conservation journey’s take guests to the heart of Europe’s forgotten wild corners. They are expertly guided and enjoy time in the company of ecologists and wildlife experts working in the field, to learn about the local Flora and Fauna.

We support, finance, and co-produce natural history & documentary films in partnership with well-established film producers. These productions can be either short content or longer features and include a story which has a ‘call to action’.

TENT has hosted numerous film premieres at central London locations such as BAFTA and BFI. In 2019, we organised a ‘party with purpose’ at the prestigious Fawley Court during the Henley Regatta. Our next screening event is planned for 2021.

You can be assured that 100% of donations received and event income generated is granted directly to our partner foundations and projects.