TRUEWORLD Organization


TRUEWORLD is a technology company from Mallorca formed by a multidisciplinary group of scientists, researchers and technicians from a wide variety of backgrounds (geographers, biologists, environmentalists, physicists, programmers, etc.) who have teamed up with journalists, communicators and creatives to promote the fight against the climate crisis.

For this reason, we offer companies and institutions an ecosystem of solutions based on knowledge, scientific and technological innovation with the aim of mitigating their environmental impact and making them leaders in decarbonisation and the transition to a sustainable economy.

Our solutions guarantee the traceability, veracity and custody of information and processes through Blockchain technology. In addition, they are integrated in our Climate Change Observatory, a 3D Earth viewer based on Geographic Information Systems (GIS), which represents the main environmental indicators in real time from satellite data, IoT (Internet of Things) sensors and geodata.

We are also involved in converting local conservation projects, especially marine projects, into carbon sequestration projects. To accomplish this, we collaborate with leading organizations and scientists in the Balearic Islands.