Whole Wild World


We are a group of passionate, dedicated individuals who want to make a difference.

​Whole Wild World is a charitable organisation, working to make the world wilder.

​Climate change, deforestation and habitat destruction are increasing at an alarming rate. The solution to this is easy, stop the destruction and work together to revive and restore the wild. Habitat restoration through rewilding is one of the most effective ways to undo the damage already done to our environment.

​Habitats are the umbrella under which all species thrive. We need to act now to protect and revive habitats, save species and ultimately, ourselves.


Making the World Whole & Wild again...

We help facilitate projects to restore nature by raising the funds required to do this, supporting and developing land restoration, sustainable and nature-based tourism and species conservation projects to create symbiotic, self-sustaining eco-systems.

Our foundation site is in the Algarve, a region of Portugal famed more for its stunning beaches and coastal life, than for its wildlife. Iberian species in Portugal have been in decline for most of the past century, farming is now also in decline and degraded farmlands are now derelict and at risk of wild fires and drought. Waterways are at risk from pollution and drought. Communities inland, that do not benefit from the tourism of the coast, are also in decline.

Rewilding can help revive all of this, protecting biodiversity and nature. With the pandemic adding to the problem, nature-based tourism can be a solution. A solution that helps not just communities, but also wildlife; individual species and habitats. You can visit our foundation site here..