Wild Immersion

Wild Immersion is a virtual reality production company, producing immersive contents and educational experiences in natural environments. The audience is placed in thrilling 360° experiences through virtual reality (VR) headsets and immersive places, as if they were transported into the action. Wild Immersion is aiming to become the main producer of virtual reality movies about Wildlife and Nature.

Wild Immersion produces breathtaking 3D experiences, leveraging the best augmented-reality footage techniques and cutting edge immersive technologies, to plunge the spectators into a Nature 360° action film.
The spectator experiences the feeling of being in the middle of the wilderness, discovering mind-blowing situations, like it would happen in real life.

Every Wild Immersion movie is a unique experience, a totally immersive dive into the heart of the subject filmed in 360°. We are always close to our filmed subjects and often take some measured risks to get there. The team is seasoned in productions and specialized in 360° footage.

Wild Immersion Company is committed to explore and protect our planet’s living spaces and environment.

The Wild Immersion is a new kind of company that is eco-friendly, ethical and educational.

Wild Immersion Virtual Reserve program brings a strong educational message, about the Nature and the situation on species extinctions in the world, particularly for younger generations.